Project Closeout Process

The final stage of project implementation is the closeout process, which serves to assess project performance one-year after completion, providing important feedback on lessons learned and best practices to be applied to future projects. Through this process, NADB confirms the achievement of the fundamental objective(s) of the project related to its inputs, outputs and intended outcomes, through project records, field visits and interviews with the sponsor and operating personnel.

The closeout process provides a review of the physical facilities built, facility performance and achievement of the objectives established in the results measurement matrix. The project sponsor shall provide NADB with all information, documents and input necessary to support results measurement and closeout activities. This information could include infrastructure performance (i.e., water/sewer hookups installed, installed plant capacity, traffic counts), regulatory compliance and financial statements. NADB will notify project sponsors of information that is required to successfully complete close-out and results measurement tasks.

A fact sheet for each project that has completed the closeout process is available through Project Data

In 2016, the first aggregate report on project closeout results was compiled and analyzed, providing a comprehensive view of the indicators for each infrastructure sector, as well as success stories and lessons learned.

First Aggregated Report
Results Measurement
Impact Assesments