Procurement Process

An important aspect of NADB financing is to ensure that the proceeds of loans and grants are used efficiently and for the purposes designated in the scope of the project. To this end, NADB has established a procurement policy designed to guide project sponsors in the use of NADB funds and to assist contractors, suppliers, and consultants in the bidding process.

Procuring goods and services is the responsibility of the project sponsor. NADB reviews the procurement plan prior to financing and monitors implementation of the plan in order to promote the goals of economy, efficiency, fairness and transparency in the procurement process.

When the NADB reviews the procurement plan for a specific project, it is mainly concerned with the following factors:
  • Adequate publicity: Invitations to bid are published in a manner that promotes competition.
  • Unrestricted participation: The procedures do not discriminate between foreign and local suppliers or contractors.
  • Sufficient bidding period: The timeframe for the submission of bids is long enough to allow bidders to participate.
  • Bid documents: The bid documents are clear and contain all the information necessary for bidders to submit a responsive proposal.
  • Bidder access: Bidders have access to all pertinent information, and there is an adequate clarification procedure for responding to bidder questions.
  • Evaluation criteria: Specific evaluation criteria are established prior to bidding, clearly stated in the bidding documents, and applied consistently in evaluation of the bids.
  • Transparency: The bidding process is fair and open, and bidders can participate under equitable conditions.
For more information, consult NADB Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Business Opportunities

NADB publishes information on procurement opportunities for goods, services and works with NADB-financed projects through its electronic newsletter NADBank News, which is distributed via e-mail whenever a procurement notice or other project-related announcement is published.  To register to receive this newsletter via e-mail or to see past issues, visit NADBank News.

The General Procurement Notices (GPN) published for NADB-financed projects in NADBank News are available in the GPN Archive

For information about current procurement opportunities for goods, services and works with NADB-financed projects, see Bid Opportunities