Public Access to Information

In accordance with its Charter and NADB shall ensure, to the extent possible, the availability of public information and reasonable opportunity to comment on all projects for which certification and financing is requested. NADB is responsible for advising the Board of Directors of the results of public consultation and outreach activities for projects submitted for certification and financing approval.

Public Consultation

To ensure adequate access to public information, NADB will release a summary of the project proposal, including a list of the most relevant project documents available, for a 30-day public comment period. Public consultation will be conducted in accordance with provisions regarding non-disclosure of confidential information. Upon conclusion of the public comment period, NADB will provide the Board of Directors with the comments received, along with the appropriate response to those comments. For purposes of responding to public comments, NADB may consult with the project sponsor as necessary.

Outreach Activity Summary

The project sponsor may, voluntarily or pursuant to applicable legal, regulatory or funding requirements, conduct public outreach efforts to disseminate information on the project, such as the use of local steering committees, meetings with local organizations, surveys, public meetings or other media outlets. In such cases, the sponsor shall provide NADB, as applicable, with information on the activities conducted, including a summary of any public feedback received.

Project sponsors can request assistance from NADB for any additional community outreach and consultation efforts that the sponsor deems appropriate, based on project complexity, rate impacts, local political dynamics, environmental and community impacts, and other factors. Detailed public participation guidelines developed by BECC may be used to facilitate and guide those efforts.

Procedures regarding Disclosure and Confidentiality

Public Participation Guidelines